Tuning ftp.nluug.nl

Performance tuning a public mirror server

Speaker: Mike Hulsman (Proxy)


ftp.nluug.nl is a public mirror server running since the beginning of the 90’s, which currently transfers 4TB of data every day.

This talk will provide some background on the service it provides. We discuss a history of the environment.

In 2013, we chose to rebuild the server and we made some decisions.

The process of performance tuning the ftp.nluug mirror server will be discussed, as well as how we got to the current performance.


Mike Hulsman is working at Proxy Services in various roles.

Been a sysadmin since DOS was running on workstations, Arcnet was the network and the server was running NetWare ELS level II.

Started with Linux from kernel version 1.2.13 and since than addicted to *nix.

Working on Enterprise solutions for telco’s, broadband, banking and technology companies.

On systems, SAN storage, monitoring and application level.




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