OSBConf 2015

For the first time I went to OSBconf, an Opensource Backup Conference.

Day 1

Day 1 started with a hacking workshop on the new Bareos Python plugin interface. The Python plugin interface makes it easy to hook in at many points of the backup process: manipulate filesets, do pre- and post-processing, create virtual files or do any other optional things with files before, while (modify io-stream) or after they are backuped. This is a great new feature, you can quickly adapt your special backup needs with Python scripts. My (useless) Python plugin did a search on the client (looking in /etc for al “*.conf files), and after the search completed it did a backup of those files.

Day 2

On day 2 there were several interesting presentations.

Bareos 15.2

The announcement of Bareos 15.2  with features like an API for the Director, Gluster and Ceph plugins to backup cloud storages, Better debug output in all daemons for automated analyze with for instance logstash etc.

Backup of VMware snapshots with Bareos

The Python plugin is used to make a backup of a VMware snapshot.  A feature which I will definitely will use. The plugin can create a Full, Differential or Incremental backup of the Virtual machines snapshot. It also make use of the VMware CBT (Change Block Tracking) to do space efficient Differential and incremental backups.

Backup with rdiff-backup and rsnapshot

An overview and comparison of both product was presented. This solution is based on rsync.

Scale-Out backups with Bareos and Gluster

Bareos can use Gluster as a Cloud Storage Backend. (from 14.2 release ) This will enable to use of all the Gluster features as Storage Backend. Gluster integration in Bareos, Introduction into GlusterFS,  Quick start, a demo and example configuration were presented. In the demo a distributed volume on 2 hosts is created and expanded, Bareos is installed and is setup to use GlusterFS as a Cloud Storage Backend. A backup job was successfully executed with GlusterFS as backend. When running out of diskspace a new host can be added to the distributed gluster volume without any disruption.

More information

All presentations and video recordings van be found at: OSBconf archive 2015





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