Mike Hulsman

OSBConf 2015

For the first time I went to OSBconf, an Opensource Backup Conference. Day 1 Day 1 started with a hacking workshop on the new Bareos Python plugin interface.┬áThe Python plugin interface makes it easy to hook in at many points of the backup process: manipulate filesets, do pre- and post-processing, […]

Tuning ftp.nluug.nl

Performance tuning a public mirror server Speaker: Mike Hulsman (Proxy) Abstract ftp.nluug.nl is a public mirror server running since the beginning of the 90’s, which currently transfers 4TB of data every day. This talk will provide some background on the service it provides. We discuss a history of the environment. […]

CentOS 6.5 Puppet v3 Nginx Unicorn and God 1

This article describes to install Puppet 3.x with Nginx 1.x and Unicorn. God is used to monitor start and stop Unicorn. It is based on the article on http://projects.puppetlabs.com/projects/1/wiki/using_unicorn Version numbers may change, it depends on versions available in the repositories. Another article will be written to describe a solution […]